what we do ...

Changing people and organisations

The need for change has never been greater; the impact on us can be profound; unexpectedly we can feel out of step for a while, ask why, what is going on, what do we need to do now. Potential difference offers its own unique support to individuals, working pairs and intact teams; skilled support to unpack the toughest challenge, to find the best way forward, always to realise hidden potential for growth.


Goethe catches our eye as he writes: the tragedy of life is we understand it backwards yet need to live it forwards.  Under the pressure of daily life, it is hardly surprising if we feel out of step for a while; ask for help to bridge the two.


We work with anyone who wants to work with us – irrespective of sector, seniority or need. Currently we have clients at senior levels in the NHS as they make change their own, adapt their leadership accordingly.  Similarly we work in financial services, the City, professional services and central government in UK and abroad; a lot of our work is overseas.